Foshan Chuangyidao Children's Products Co., Ltd. is a professional toy company integrating development, design, production, sales, and DIY brand planning and promotion. In 2011, which was full of opportunities and challenges, "Creative Island" was officially put into operation and became a novel team to enter the national toy market.

In terms of product introduction, "Creative Island" timely adjusts and introduces toy series with global advanced concepts according to the DIY play needs and consumption characteristics of different age levels, and introduces innovative and highly popular toys into the market with a keen vision. The company pays special attention to cultivating an elite team of individual and creative designers. From DIY production, product photography to graphic packaging, every link is carefully designed. In terms of marketing channels, "Creative Island" has a strong sales and planning team, they are young and full of vigor. Adhering to the cooperation concept of "integrity and win-win", we have joined hands with distributors and agents from all over the country to explore the market, and successfully spread the sales network across the country, with key areas located in high-end consumer cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong. With the company's promotion power, brand radiation, product diversification and other advantages, "Creative Island" will advance side by side with its partners to create a win-win situation. In terms of production and processing, "Creative Island" has three medium-scale processing bases, including local factories with more than ten years of experience in stationery and toy production. We have strong production and configuration capabilities from upstream to downstream in toy production. . In addition, we have also started to develop "OEM" channels and online sales channels, which will surely add more confidence to our partners. "Creative Island" is constantly attracting the attention of target consumer groups and will always be active in the toy industry. In the company's future planning, every employee of "Creative Island" will continue to carry forward the spirit of "diligence, practicality, and innovation", strive to expand, penetrate and maintain the product market, enhance the value of the company's brand, and make strides towards our bright tomorrow !
Brand story
Legend has it that a long time ago, there was a beautiful island in the vast ocean. A handsome and capable poor mason fell in love with a beautiful and kind princess, and they got along very happily and happily. But the good times didn't last long, because the king wanted to marry the princess to the prince of the neighboring country. The princess was heartbroken, and the king came up with a way to make the princess give up. He told the poor mason that if he conjured a castle within a week, he would marry the princess, otherwise he would leave the princess forever. The poor mason locked his house at home. He couldn't think of a way. He fell asleep without knowing it. In his dream, he saw many beautiful castles appearing in the sea. After waking up, the mason had a flash of inspiration and thought: "If you make a beautiful castle for the king, isn't it all right?" So the poor mason began to make the castle day and night. A week later, the poor mason appeared in the king's palace with tightly packed objects in his hands. The ministers began to talk, and saw the young and promising young man gently tore off the outer packaging, and an ingenious and incomparable castle immediately appeared in front of the king. The poor mason said: "The king did not say that a small castle is no good. This is also an extremely exquisite castle. Although it is made of clay, it contains my most sincere feelings for the princess." The king was speechless, also Impressed by the cleverness and ingenuity of the poor mason, he fulfilled his promise and married the princess to the poor mason. The poor mason and the princess lived a happy life, and their legendary love story was also published on the island. The mason used his most dexterous heart to create countless exquisite and precious gifts for people. Later, there was such a custom: on special days, you can personally make some gifts for people you like or respect, and you can pass your heart on to the other party and get good luck and blessings. This story has been circulated until the middle of the last century, and then spread to countries around the world. Making gifts by hand has become a popular fashion, and DIY has become a unique and irreplaceable name. And that beautiful island was later called the "Creative Island".

Develop with rational thinking
A toy brand developed and designed with emotion as the carrier and rational thinking. Take curiosity as the element as the core definition of the brand, and take Parent-child puzzle as the development concept
And more humane
A breakthrough in the appearance of traditional educational toys, making the product not only inspiring, interactive and entertaining, but also more humane